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Not perfect, but most of us have one, the CLymer manual provides general information and maintainance procedures for BMW airheads.

What's not perfect? A number of typos have been noted, so check online at Snowbum's site to double check things like torque setting numbers. Also, the Clymer manuals are written by mechanics who tear apart actual bikes in order to write their reference material. However, they're not BMW mechanics, and they may not know the best or easiest way to do something. For instance, they suggest that in order to replace the clutch on an airhead, you should remove the rear end and driveshaft, bun in reality all it takes is to disconnect the swingarm pivotsand leave the whole thing hanging from the subframe.

That said, we all have one in the shop somewhere- why? Because it's a useful reference. It helps to look at pictures of things to remind yourself of, say, where all those wires connected to the alternator go. The wiring diagrams are useful and there really is quite a bit of useful info here.

Bottom line: a useful refernce if you take it with a grain of salt.

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